Are you a master sausage taco wizard?

No. Let me be super clear here - I haven’t backpacked through Mexico or Germany in search of my culinary calling. I don’t know everything about these two cuisines. I went to culinary school in Arizona and France in the 90’s and, although we dabbled in sausage making, Mexican food was not a big part of the curriculum. I’m not trying to convince the world that I know tacos or sausages better than others or that I have deep-seated roots in these cuisines. I’m of Irish descent and I live in Costa Mesa. I’ve been around amazing Mexican food my entire life. Taco Brat is my interpretation of these two great foods; it's my homage to traditions I know I will never truly understand. I just really love everything about these foods – fresh handmade tortillas, hand cranked and twisted sausages, smoked meats, homemade salsas, house cured bacon, slow braised beans and much more.


Weren’t you a pastry chef?

That’s right, I was and still am. It was my first job out of culinary school and I learned from one of the best in the business. Like our kitchen our dessert menu is small and will change often.


What are you going to do to that cool old taco shack? 

Keep it awesome! We’ll clean it up and make it a fun place to sit and eat and drink and hang out with friends. The design is traditional GerMexican Beer Garden.



Taco Brat has design roots that touch on both traditions in a fun yet slightly kitschy design aesthetic.


So who’s doing this amazing design?

Karen Fabian.

Karen is one of the preeminent designers in California and she’s a close friend of the Taco Brat team. With Taco Brat being an outdoor environment, hiring Karen was an easy decision as her career started as a landscape designer. Her firm, KFD Studios, is now beautifully woven into the fabric of interior and exterior design excellence.


What about non-meat eaters? 

Although Taco Brat was inspired by street tacos and meat, both cuisines stand strong in the veggie camp as well. Non-meat eaters will find comfort when they belly up to the taco and sausage bar.


What if I get thirsty?

Drink something. Like beer. Or wine.

We have a solid line up of beers influenced by the regions of our food as well as rotating, local handles and great, affordable boutique wines.


Do you really make your own tortillas?



Can I come in the kitchen and make them with you?

No. Maybe you can watch through the window if you stand on your tippy toes.


Do you hire kitchen people without kitchen experience?

Maybe…but then they're usually (probably) promoted to customer rather quickly.


Who did you vote for?



Can my band play at your opening party?

Probably not.


Can you expand on all of the things you smoke?



Is Brat pronounced like whining little children or like the German sausage?

You decide.


But I asked you and you came up with the name.

You decide.


Do you really get these questions asked of you frequently?

No. Well, a few of them. The rest I made up to fill this page and tell a story.


When do you open for business?

June 17. Finally. And worth the wait.